The Tortus 3 dry floor friction tester is a world leading device for accurate slip resistance measurement of pedestrian surfaces. National slip resistance measurement standards in several countries rely on the Tortus device. ISTS stocks a range of genuine parts for Wessex Precision Instruments (UK), manufacturers of slip resistance measuring equipment popular globally for quality, reliability, and accurate performance.

ISTS also offers on-site testing ancillary kits designed for making high frequency site testing safer and comfortable for technicians.

Tortus 3 Dry Floor Friction Tester



  • Tortus 3 unit (nb the latest Wessex Precision Instruments model is printer-less)
  • NATA (ILAC) accredited calibration and certificate
  • Hard case
  • USB stick
  • 4 x spare 4S rubber sliders
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty

Cost: Details on Request

Ancillary Items Pack – Dry Testing


  • Clipboard with P400 conditioning paper
  • Wet floor sign
  • Thermometer
  • Dry testing onsite worksheets (Excel file)
  • Storage strap

Cost: AU$350.00 each (+GST & shipping if required)

Control Testing Tortus Verification Kit – Dry Testing


  • 3 x Aluminium verification plates
  • P400 paper side
  • 3M lapping film side

Cost: AU$450.00 each (+GST & shipping if required)